Meet Chenai Rumhuma, Cake Designer

Take a sneak peek into the career of a cake designer at a rather famous bakery in Cape Town.

She’s a cake designer at a rather famous bakery in Cape Town, and she shared a little of her experience with us, so we could learn more about her line of work.

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Chenai is officially a Cake Designer at the well-known Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town. Her role requires the baking and decorating of cakes for all occasions. She creates unique cakes for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and all types of special events.  

Cake Designers also create custom cakes based on the design requirements of customers, as well as develop new design ideas. While not the most common of jobs, it is a popular business with professional bakers.

We asked Chenai how she landed this coveted role, and she revealed her quite unconventional job application method: I stalked my way in. Truly and quite literally. You may laugh but that is what I did.” After watching the first episode of the bakery’s television series Charly's Cake Angels one Saturday afternoon she just decided that that was the place for her. “I Googled them, found out everything there was to know about them, emailed the bakery and told them just how much I would change their lives. And four years down the line I’m still here, still changing their lives!”

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Chenai also calls herself a Customer Whisperer, as she deals with customers daily too. Her tips to us, on working with the public, are to “be prepared to deal with eccentric characters, and acknowledge and accept the fact that you cannot always please everyone. But knowing that we bring so much joy to people is the greatest reward and the creativity it lets me indulge in everyday, that is the best part of my job.

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Her advice to those looking to get into a similar line of work is that “Persistence pays. If you want something go for it. The worst that could happen is that they could say no, but then again they could say yes! Honestly though, be prepared for the long hours. But dream: dream in colour, dream in black and white, just allow yourself to dream and stay ahead of trends!”

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