4 perfect jobs for part-time students

A part-time job is great for getting extra money and boosting your CV (Stocksnap.io)

If you're still studying but need some extra cash to pay the bills, these are the places you're likely to find work.

Balancing studies with a side gig is no walk in the park. There are tasks to complete, assignments to hand in, tests and exams to study for and hours of classes that require your concentration. Put all this together and you’re probably left feeling more exhausted than before you fell asleep, right?

So why get a part-time job? Besides the obvious (more cash in your pocket), a part-time job is another great way to boost your CV. It adds value to your CV by showing your willingness and determination to work.So while focusing on our studies for that ultimate job, these are some of the jobs you can do.

Au pairing

This is a favourite among students. If you find the right family, have your driver’s license and a few babysitting jobs under your belt, a job in au pairing could prove quite lucrative. Increase your earnings by doing a first aid course. You could earn from R30 to R60 per hour being an au pair.  


Many students have waitressing jobs because they are a good way to earn cash. Every restaurant differs with rates. An upmarket, stylish and established restaurant may pay more than the bar down the road from your house. Be warned though, you need to be social, professional, organised, flexible and friendly. 


If you’re good at a certain subject like Maths or English, you can share your knowledge with other students, and get paid to do it! Tutoring jobs are also quite common in South Africa as you can give extra lessons privately or for an institution. Expect to earn anything from R100 per hour and upwards, but you have to know your stuff in your chosen subject(s) and have the patience of a saint. 

Retail jobs

This is a great way to earn cash and learn about jobs in the retail and the marketing industry on a store level. You have to be persuasive, a people’s person, organised and willing to work the hours, especially if it’s over the festive season.

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