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Job Title – Occupational Therapist


A Traffic Officer is a specialized police officer responsible for traffic-related incidents. Traffic officers are fully trained, sworn-in members of the police, but instead of dealing with crime, they are focused specifically on roads and the people on those roads. 

Typical Job Activities

Manages incidents, except where there is a loss of life, injury or potential criminal activity
Sets signs and signals and answering emergency roadside telephones
Arranges the removal of damaged or broken down/abandoned vehicles in partnership with the police
Tests prospective drivers for licensing
Inspects vehicles for road-worthiness
Provides evidence in traffic court cases
Removes debris and other obstructions from the highway
Supports the police when they are managing incidents, particularly in managing traffic
Does high visibility patrols to reassure the public
Deals with accident damaged, broken down and abandoned vehicles
Provides rolling road closures to hold traffic back to allow removal of debris, installation of temporary traffic management and other purposes
Provides temporary road closures
Monitors roadworks
Plans arrangements for forthcoming special events
Educates road users
Stops traffic and close roads, lanes and highways
Directs and diverts traffic when needed
Places and operates traffic signs
Manages traffic and traffic surveys

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Related Occupations

Police officer
Prison warden
Security officer
Ambulance and emergency care worker
Customs officer

Educational Requirements

Senior Certificate or equivalent NQF level 4
Code B driving licence (manual transmission)
Applicants must not be older than 35 years

Compulsory subjects: None
Recommended subjects: None

Entry to Work Place:

Diploma course as determined by the National Transport Department: Traffic colleges at Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pietermaritzburg.
- Training consists of theoretical and practical work
- Duration of course: Five and a half months

What natural skills and/or aptitudes do I need for this occupation?

Have a friendly and sympathetic approach to people experiencing difficulties
Be ready to help and assist where necessary
Maintain sound judgement
Have a reasonable knowledge of human nature
Be firm and decisive when required
Be physically fit and have stamina
Present a neat appearance
Be well-spoken

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Employment Opportunities 


Market Competitiveness


Income Potential


Self-Employment Opportunities


International Employment Opportunities


Possible Employers

Metro Police
Provincial governments

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Relevant Contact Details

Traffic Officer Learnerships

Gene Louw Traffic College

Career Progress and Path 

Experience in specific field
Work performance
General management studies

Possible Career Paths

Specialist career in the specific field
Management positions in the specific field

Employment Stability

Very stable

Reasons to consider this career

The need is determined by government
I can be of service to people
I am very interested in a specific subject or field
I can communicate and interact with people
I can work with peopleThe job is stable