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Job Title – TEFL Teacher


TEFL Teacher is an umbrella term for teaching English to students of any age whose first language is not English. TESL refers to teaching students who will be using English instead of their native language after moving to an English-speaking country. 

Typical Job Activities

Plans, prepares and delivers lessons
Prepares teaching materials
Helps pupils improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills via individual and group sessions
Checks and assesses pupils' work
Organises and runs specialist courses
Attends social events

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Related Occupations

School counselor
School teacher
Remedial teacher
Social worker
Speech therapist

Educational Requirements

Senior Certificate with a matric Exception

Compulsory subjects: English and Afrikaans
Recommended subjects: Mathematics

Universities and Technikons offer: BEd Senior Phase or Further Education Training Phase or a BEd in English. A degree in language, linguistics, education or English will be particularly helpful in applications. 

What natural skills and/or aptitudes do I need for this occupation?

Have a keen interest in children
Be able to promote and maintain good relations and contact with people
Have the elements of humour and compassion required to maintain perspective and create a relaxed atmosphere
Have a balanced and sober view of life
Have tolerance, tact, sympathy and patience
Set a good example for others to follow
Be mature
Have a strong personality and emotional stability
Have good health and stamina
Be able to speak and write well

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Employment Opportunities 


Market Competitiveness


Income Potential


Self-Employment Opportunities


International Employment Opportunities


Possible Employers

Foreign government schools
Private schools
Further and higher education institutions
Community and adult education centres
Voluntary organisations

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Relevant Contact Details

The TEFL Academy

Career Progress and Path

Further studies in the specific career field
Experience in specific field
Work performance
Do presentations, seminars, publish articles, etc.

Possible Career Paths

Specialist career in the specific field
Management positions in the specific field
Own business

Employment Stability

Moderately stable

Reasons to consider this career

I can be of service to people
I am very interested in a specific subject or field
I can communicate and interact with people
I can work with people
I can apply my special skills
I like to work with children