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Job Title – Geographer


A Geographer studies the earth and its land, features, and inhabitants. They also examine phenomena such as political or cultural structures as they relate to geography. They study the physical and human geographic characteristics of a region, ranging in scale from local to global.

Typical Job Activities

Gathers geographic data through field observations, maps, photographs, satellite imagery, and censuses
Uses quantitative methods, such as statistical analysis, in their research
Uses qualitative methods, such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups, in their research
Creates and modify maps, graphs, diagrams, or other visual representations of geographic data
Analyses the geographic distribution of physical and cultural characteristics and occurrences
Uses geographic information systems (GIS) to collect, analyse, and display geographic data
Writes reports and present research findings
Assists, advises, or leads others in using GIS and geographic data
Combines geographic data with data about a particular specialty, such as economics, the environment, health, or politics

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Educational Requirements

Senior Certificate with a matric Exception

Compulsory subjects: Mathematics and Physical Science
Recommended subjects: Biology, Geography and Economics

For a degree course in Geography.

Entry to Work Place

Post-graduate study: A person who wants to become a practising geographer must undertake advanced postgraduate study.

What natural skills and/or aptitudes do I need for this occupation?

Get along well with others
Be able to communicate clearly both in speech and in writing
Be flexible and adaptable
Be able to work independently
Enjoy working with ideas
Be creative and imaginative
Be objective
Have an interest in the natural and social sciences and in the environment in general
Above average scholastic ability
A strong constitution
Good health and stamina
Ability to interpret and analyse data, solve problems and make decisions
Good visual ability
Good psycho-motor co-ordination for cartographic work

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Employment Opportunities 


Market Competitiveness


Income Potential


Self-Employment Opportunities


International Employment Opportunities


Possible Employers

High schools, colleges and universities
Government departments, provincial administrations and municipalities
Private industries such as travel agencies, manufacturing firms, property development corporations and communication firmsResearch institutions such as CSIR
SA Defence Force
Africa InstitutePrivate rural and urban planning firms

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Relevant Contact Details

Society of South African Geographers

Career Progress and Path 

Further studies in the specific career field
Experience in specific field Work performance
Do presentations, seminars, publish articles, etc.

Possible Career Paths

Specialist career in the specific field
Management positions in the specific field

Employment Stability

Moderately stable

Reasons to consider this career

I can be of service to people
I am very interested in a specific subject or field
I’ll be able to learn new things on an ongoing basis