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Job Title – Forklift Driver


a Forklift Driver handles fork-lifting machines by moving levers and pressing pedals to control the movement of the lifting apparatus. Loads and unloads materials and deliveries and move them to and from storage areas, machines and loading docks, into railroad cars or trucks or storage facilities. 

Typical Job Activities

Obtains copy of production schedule or shipping order and transports material or equipment to and from designated areas in the facility
Loads and unloads goods from vehicles such as trucks or aircraft
Moves goods packed on pallets or in crates around the storage facility
Stacks goods in the correct storage bays, following inventory control instructions
Checks loads are secure
Stacks empty pallets
Performs daily equipment checks such as recharging the truck’s battery and lubricating equipment
Removes machine attachments and waste material from machines
Examines products to verify conformance to quality standards
Dumps materials into machine hoppers

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Related Occupations

Cargo controller
Crane operator
Driver instructor
Lift operator

Educational Requirements

Senior Certificate to qualify for a skills certificate.
Need code 10 and 14 drivers licence

Compulsory subjects: None
Recommended subjects: None

Entry to Work Place In-Service Training:

Employers offer the following in-service training routine:
- The new employee initially accompanies experienced drivers so that he can gain an understanding of the whole operation
- he then practices lifting and lowering the forklift device without a load
- the next step is to lift, lower and transport "waste" loads
- finally he moves on to stacking actual loads, starting with smaller loads

Additional Requirements:

The Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that a driver and stacker should be in possession of a certificate of training issued by an accredited organisation

What natural skills and/or aptitudes do I need for this occupation?

Be responsible
Be patient and have perseverance
Have good eyesight
Have good eye-hand co-ordination as well as good co-ordination between right and left
Have manual dexterity
Be able to judge distances and heights accurately
Be willing to work shifts

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Employment Opportunities 


Market Competitiveness


Income Potential


Self-Employment Opportunities


International Employment Opportunities


Possible Employers

Transport companies
SA Airways
Building contractors
Industries that need to store material like store warehouses

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Relevant Contact Details

Scarce skills training Academy

Career Progress and Path

Work performance

Possible Career Paths

Specialist career in the specific field

Employment Stability

Moderately stable

Reasons to consider this career

I can work with technology
I can apply my special skills
I can communicate and interact with people