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Job Title – Banqueting Manager


A Banqueting Manager helps with the details of a banquet, including decorations, layout, cleanliness, and service management. A Banqueting Manager works with banquet sales directors and chefs to ensure that all the terms of a contract are met and that guests receive the highest quality in food service and overall experience. 

Typical Job Activities

Does marketing and selling conference and banqueting facilities
Does scheduling reservations
Operates the facilities profitably
Plans well so each event runs smoothly
Checks all bills are paid on time
Manages food and beverage team for the events
Briefs staff and checks the room set-up before the event
Ensures the room is turned around, ready for the next event

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Related Occupations

Food service supervisor
Guest house manager
Hostel housekeeper
Restaurant manager
Personnel manager
Conference and Banqueting Sales Manager

Educational Requirements

Senior Certificate with matric exemption
For a degree in Hospitality at a University
For a diploma in Hospitality or related courses at a Technikon

Compulsory subjects: English
Recommended subjects: Biology, Physical Science, Home Economics, Accountancy, Hotel keeping and Catering

Entry to the Work Place

Experience in the following courses:
In-service training in hotel management (3 years)
In-service training in commercial catering and restaurant management (CBMT)
IR course for middle management
Supervisory course
Facilitator's course

What natural skills and/or aptitudes do I need for this occupation?

Have discipline
Be able to get along well with others
Have good judgement
Have organisational and problem-solving skills
Be able to communicate their ideas clearly in speech and in writing
Be able to understand accounting procedures
Have good health and stamina
Be diplomatic in handling difficult customers without becoming harassed
Have a good business sense
Be interested in modern trends and developments in the hotel industry

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Employment Opportunities 


Market Competitiveness


Income Potential


Self-Employment Opportunities


International Employment Opportunities


Possible Employers

Hotel groups

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Relevant Contact Details

The Hospitality Industries Training Board

FEDHASA | "Your Hospitality Partner"

Career Progress and Path

Further studies in the specific career field
Experience in specific field
Work performance

Possible Career Paths

Specialist career in the specific field
Management positions in the specific field
Management positions in related fields
General business management

Employment Stability

Moderately stable

Reasons to consider this career

I am very interested in a specific subject or field
I can communicate and interact with people
I can be of service to people
I can progress in the business world