Do you have these basic graduate skills?

For many graduates, job hunting can be quite a grueling and confusing process. Take a look at the basic set of skills that all graduates need in order to get noticed and hired.

For many graduates, job hunting can be quite a gruelling and confusing process. There are so many questions like – where do I start? Is my CV good enough? How should I handle interview questions? All these questions are bound to pop up, but the big one is always – how do I apply for a job when I have no experience? When employers hire graduates they’re well-aware that you probably don’t have the experience they’d like, which is why they focus on other competencies. Take a look at the basic set of skills that all graduates need in order to get noticed and hired.

Can you write?

There’s a common misconception that long, complicated words will make you appear smarter. This couldn't be further from the truth. Remember, you write something to communicate a message, and if that communication is too complicated for the average man on the street to understand, then what you are doing is in fact not helping anyone at all.

When a hiring manager or recruiter asks you to submit a CV and cover letter, they’re testing your ability to communicate. Learn how to write clearly and concisely, and be very aware of spelling and grammar.

Are you literate?

Recruiters need to see that you can read with understanding. They test you by seeing whether or not you followed the instructions for submission or when you get called in for an assessment, can you do what was asked for on the assessment sheet? All these elements are tests.

Are you organised?
This relates to your time-management. If you regularly set up study timetables, for example, and stick to them, you’re probably well-organised.  Juggling studying and going to a part-time job is also a good example of being organised. Recruiters want to know that you can handle more than one job a time and meet the required deadlines set by employers. Can you work under pressure? Can you keep calm and get the job done when you’re working towards a demanding deadline or do you panic and start to lose control? Think of how you react to your exams to figure out whether you can handle pressure or not. This is a very important skill to have in the workplace. 

Do you have staying power?
Employers and recruiters want candidates who persevere through tough times. Do you give up or do you push through tough times? Employers want to hire graduates who have staying power.

Are you confident?

A confident employee is a successful employee. Having confidence in yourself and your ability to do the work is important as you’ll often be faced with new challenges that you’ll have to figure out. Being nervous at first is okay – everyone is. But it’s important to find a way to stay positive and push through even when you feel as though your nerves are taking over.