How to prepare for the bursary application interview

When you talk positively about how the bursary will help you, will remove any doubts the interviewer may have (

The bursary application process doesn't stop after the application.

So you've just been called in for a bursary interview? Congratulations! You're one step away from scoring the bursary. To make sure you don't miss the opportunity, you need to be well prepared for the interview. 

Even if this is not your first interview, following the tips below will help you polish your rough edges.

1. Rehearse your speech

Practice what you'll say in your interview. Ask a friend or family member to help you craft your speech accordingly if it needs more work.

2. Make sure your love for your subject shines through

Be passionate when talking about where you’d like to take your career – talk about your subject and course with enthusiasm.

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3. Be positive

Positivity will get you very far. Talk about how the bursary will help you and assure the interviewer that you will work hard to ensure you’re successful.

4. Always be on time

Punctuality matters in any job interview. Rather early than late –time is money and if you don’t make the effort to be on time, no one will care enough to make time for you.

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5. Be presentable

Dress as though you would for a job interview. First impressions count and will last the longest.

6. Prepare your motivation

If you're asked why you should receive the bursary and not someone else, talk about where you see yourself heading and how the bursary will help you to achieve your goals.

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