Now you can tell what your co-workers really think of you


Are you sure you aren't jeopardising your reputation?

In an ideal world you'd be judged on only the quality of your work, but this real life. Instead, everything you do at work counts and you can be assured that nothing goes unnoticed by your colleagues or boss.

Here are the signals you’re really sending to the people around you (without even knowing it).

Who do you choose to spend your time with?
If you always spend time with colleagues who slack at work and do only what they’re required to do, chances are your other colleagues will start putting you in the same box. The same goes for the opposite; if you choose to hang around people who are successful and well-perceived in the business your co-workers will think that you have the same qualities.

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When do you leave work?

Do you moan about it only being 4pm and impatiently wait for 5pm to strike because you can't wait to leave? Be careful – you might be seen as someone who is not committed to your job and only putting in the bare minimum. If you work flexi hours then it’s a different story, of course. But try not to run out the office the minute the clock strikes 5. If you can, try to leave around the same time as the most dedicated colleagues.

How do you dress for work?
You don’t have to overdress with a suit and tie every day, but make sure you come across as professional. If you dress like a twelve-year-old, you’ll be seen as one. Your clothes speak volumes about your personality and professionalism.

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Are you active in meetings?
While in meetings, do you actively participate and contribute or sit silently and appear uninterested? By contributing to a meeting, even just a little, you’re seen as having a keen interest in the company. If you don’t contribute (even if it's because you're shy) or even start texting, your co-workers will think you couldn’t care less about the projects at hand or the company. 

Is your office space personalised? 
You spend most of your day at it, why not personalise your desk to suit you? Putting up a photo or two of your loved ones or adding a nice pot plant could imply that you’re there to stay. Just make sure your trimmings are not overboard and you don’t interfere with your neighbour's workspace.

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