The 8 co-workers you’ll find at your first job

You'll find a wide variety of personalities when you begin your first job.

Spending 8 hours a day with the same people reveals some interesting personality traits. Here are 8 types of people you'll definitely meet.

A workplace is filled with lots of interesting characters: some you’ll absolutely fall in love with instantly, and others will make work life a lot more challenging.

Here are the 8 most common types of co-workers you’ll be able to spot within the first week of your first job:

1. The Braggart

Whether it’s about the most recent international trip or every single expensive purchase, this person can’t help but tell everyone who’s willing to listen how awesome they are, how exceptional their skills are, and how much credit, applause and praise they "honestly" deserve.


This is probably also the person who has no interest in following protocol and believes the rule book doesn’t apply to them. Always on the look-out to one-up anyone receiving attention, they thrive on compliments.

2. The Complainer

Everyday is the worst day. Everything's a problem and there are no silver linings. Anything that happened is the worst thing that could’ve possibly ever happened in this whole entire universe - quite the Drama Queen! This constantly complaining co-worker is always the victim, and everything they hear and experience is a personal attack and an attempt to belittle, embarrass, or spoil their day.


This is probably also the person who never gets much of their own work done because there’s always a reason that’s not their fault for why they couldn’t do what needed to be done.

3. The Wannabe Manager

There’s always that one co-worker who loves telling you what to do. They assume you’re going to mess everything up, so they force ‘my way or the highway’ on all your tasks, criticising all your new (and better) ideas.


This is probably also the person who sucks up to management and is ready to belittle your genius publically under the guise of ‘helping you’ in a selfish attempt to come off as smarter.

4. The Oversharer

You are going to have a co-worker who confides in you about every detail of their lives. This one will definitely start sharing too much information after 2 days of meeting you. And while you love a good story, don't be fooled into thinking you're besties with a special bond. The same co-worker shares the same intimate stories with every other co-worker willing to listen too.


The oversharer is usually the office chatterbox too and no topic is off bounds: Weekend wedding, family drama, and even unspeakable health issues - you - and everyone around - will hear it.

5. The Instigator

You’re gonna want to be on the alert for this one. They gossip, are conniving, cause conflict, steal ideas, take pranks too far, and lie to get ahead. While they may not be a psychopath, their social skills (and morals) are totally influenced by the toxicity bred in Dodgeville. Be prepared for lots of trouble from this one...


6. The Best Boss Ever!

While this person may not be your direct manager, they’re definitely your go-to person. Armed with all the best advice and graceful demeanour, you should officially ask them to be your career mentor.

7. Your Crush

There is undoubtedly going to be one very attractive person working on the same floor. While you may not be in love just yet, you’re going to feel a little awkward and jingly when they’re near. Hottie McHottie provides some much-needed eye candy to brighten up those stressful days.


Simply staring at them and fantasizing about your wedding and three kids makes it somewhat easier to put up with number 1-5. 

8. Your desktop computer

Contrary to popular belief, your computer is the most important type of co-worker you’ll ever have. The single most seesaw-ish relationship you’ll ever have in your career. It’s like, one day it's too slow and doesn’t complete any command you enter. But the next day it works perfectly fine, knows which websites you like best, remembers all your passwords, and syncs all the important stuff.


Whether you’re in front of it the entire day, or only when you need to do a report or complete your admin tasks, the bond you have with your PC is easily the single most important co-working relationship you’ll have.

Do keep in mind that we all have our quirks, and just because people are sometimes annoying, doesn't make them bad people. In some way, we're all a little misunderstood. But love them or hate them, you’ll have to get along with them because soon, you’ll be judged by the next newly recruited graduate that’s going to label you as someone on this list.

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