South Africans work longer hours and get paid less

Stats reveal that it's not just a feeling, you really do work longer, for less...

According to stats released this month by ManpowerGroup, South Africans are working on average nine hours a day, which equals a total of 45 hours per week. This is longer than other countries in the study.  

The Total Workforce Index revealed that South Africans also earn less than their African, European and Middle-Eastern (EMEA) counterparts, with an average monthly wage of R18,230, compared to the regional average of R25,654 and the global average of R26,665.

In short, we work more and get paid less.

In the image below, green represents South Africa, and blue represents the African, European and Middle-Eastern (EMEA) countries, for comparison:


The report also revealed that South Africa has a workforce of 21.12 million individuals, and only 27.60% of them are considered highly skilled,with 34% of the workforce consisting of Millennials:


Overall, we are ranked 24th out of the total ranking of 75 countries internationally, and 14th in a ranking of European, Middle East, and African countries. We ranked highly for cost efficiency and regulation, but lost points due to poor market maturity and availability of skilled labour.

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- Elizabeth Mamacos