Why we should all be sleeping at work

Sleeping on the job has its benefits. (Shutterstock)

Science has finally proven that adult naps are great for business.

We already know that a good night’s rest is imperative for your health and wellbeing. As it turns out, a midday nap might be too!

Several studies have found that adult napping does wonders for your physical and mental health. This is why it is being recommended that you take some time out of your work day to get a little shut-eye.

Dozing off during the day:

• improves your immune system
• improves your cognitive functioning
• increases energy levels
• is relaxing
• reduces fatigue
• increases alertness
• improves your mood
• improves your reaction time 
• improves your memory

Feeling tired at work day can lead to:

• Laziness
• Lack of concentration
• Bad moods
• Health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, and depression. 

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Adult naps are so important that some of the world’s leading companies are taking full advantage of ensuring that their employees are happy and productive. Exhausted employees are detrimental to company success. Doctors' costs go up, employees take more sick leave, and when they do pitch, they simply aren’t producing quality work.

Top Companies who have sleeping areas include:

Google in California

Google nap pod

They sport futuristic-looking lounge chairs called nap-pods. They play soothing music and are frequented by employees who need a short nap during the day.

Zappos in Las Vegas

They sport a 24/7 nap room, furnished with a beanbag chair, a couch and two recliners.

Nike in Portland
They sport a ‘Quiet Room’ which enable employees to nap or meditate.

Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont
They sport a room with comfy pillows and a bed for employees to use as needed

If your company doesn’t offer areas for naps, try sleeping in a private office (with a Do Not Disturb sign, your car (if it’s in a safe and nearby location), in the conference room (on the office couch), or even under your desk (after convincing your boss and colleagues about the benefits).

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To make the most of nap time:

• Nap during midday, preferably between 1pm and 3pm
• Make sure you’re nice and comfy with a neck pillow, blanket, and eye mask
• Only nap for 10 - 30 minutes, undisturbed

Naps are supposed to rejuvenate you so that your concentration and productivity levels are optimised. Refrain from sleeping for too long or you’ll be groggy, disorientated, and even more tired than before the nap.

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