Meet Nyakallo Tefu, Radio News Reporter

For Nyakallo, working on a current affairs show gives her a chance to broadcast real stories - an aspect of radio journalism that she says she loves. Read more about her career here.

She’s a News Anchor, Reporter and Current Affairs Show Host on a youth radio station in Johannesburg. Nyakallo gave us a sneak peek into her day-to-day life so we could learn more about her career in the broadcasting industry.

Nyakallo’s career path is one of determination and diligence. During her second year into her journalism degree, Nyakallo decided she needed to get some experience in her field of study. She says that she spoke to a contact from Yfm about the possibility of spending some time in their studio so she could see what they do. After speaking to the News Editor, Nyakallo was invited for an internship. “I had no idea how long they would keep me for, so I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could within the first week.” During that time, Nyakallo was responsible for writing news stories and going into the field with the radio station’s reporters to cover stories before they were reported on air.

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Two weeks into my internship the editor asked me to stay on for longer because they were short staffed, and so I ended up spending two months with the radio station.” After her two month stint, Nyakallo was offered a contract with Yfm. “I accepted it, but asked for a schedule that would allow me to complete my studies,” she says.

A radio presenter’s job role is to write and deliver news, sports and weather reports. They are also responsible for presenting and interviewing guests on a radio show, talking with the radio’s listeners, as well as acting as moderators during show discussions. Presenters who work for smaller radio stations may additionally be required to take on technical duties, such as working the control board, selling time slots to advertisers and keeping accurate logs.

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We asked Nyakallo what she loves most about her job, and this is what she had to say: “I love that it is challenging.” Working in current affairs allows me to go beyond the surface and deal with actual issues. “I get a chance to unpack the real stories, and in that way learn something new every day.”

Nyakallo is an avid reader, and suggests that those who would like to get into her line of work to read as much as possible. It’s important to read a lot so you can stay informed of what’s going on around you, she says.  “You also need to have a passion for the journalism industry – it takes a long time to perfect your craft. You need to work on constantly improving your skillset,” she says.

Nyakallo also advises: “Don’t do it for the fame. I’m in broadcast journalism because I want to better myself and progress in my career. My aim is not to work with Yfm forever.”

In closing she says she lives by the following quote: "If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough!"

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