Meet Buhle Goslar, Director of Customer Intelligence

Buhle Goslar is Director of Customer Intelligence at a Cape Town based financial services company. We chatted to her about her passion for fairer distribution of resources in the world.

Buhle Goslar is Director of Customer Intelligence at a Cape Town based financial services company. We chatted to her about her passion for fairer distribution of resources in the world.

I’ve always been curious about how things fit together and work. I’ve also always been an advocate for a fairer distribution of resources in the world and fascinated by the role technology can play in that” she tells us. “So, getting into the business world I’ve gravitated towards roles that are strategic, and are about connecting the dots to effect positive change and achieve results. It’s very important to me that work is meaningful. I’ve been fortunate enough to end up leading strategic marketing teams, commercial product management teams and now customer intelligence at JUMO.”  

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The work Buhle does as Director of Customer Intelligence involves customer and market research, customer data analysis and social impact management. She explains that it’s about the development of “rich insights for strategic decision making but also ensuring that we achieve the change that we want to see in the world.

What Buhle loves about her job is that she’s always been involved in work where the link between what she does, and the value, is clear.

That is what drives me. In the early days of my career, one of the best things was working directly with customers; I learnt a lot from that about the importance of designing for what customers need and the world they live in.”  

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Buhle thrives on variety and constant learning.  Working across eight emerging market countries means she travels a lot. “While this can be stressful in terms of balancing these demands with family life – I love to travel and explore. My first career was in travel. I also speak quite a few languages and learning Swahili is on my list. I love that my career allows me to connect to some of my key passions: discovery, designing and creating positive change.”  

Those looking to get into a similar career should be curious and make sure that they get exposure and have a good understanding of research, product development, consumer behaviour and brand communications, Buhle explains. “Having a firm grasp on strategy and knowing how to navigate your way around an income statement is crucial” she adds. “Find ways to align your work in the context of your organisations strategy and can measure the value it generates.”

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