Meet Anthony Fenton-Wells, High Performance Trainer

Learn about the career of a High Performance Trainer,as Anthony gives us a peek into his world.

He’s a High Performance Trainer, currently working at a popular gym in Cape Town. He shared a little of his work day with us, so we could learn more about the day-to-day experience of a successful trainer.

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Anthony tells us he’s always been a sports fanatic. “It's literally been passed down from generation to generation and I think it's imprinted in our families DNA!

Bored of same old systems and the monotony of training, Anthony was desperately looking for a change. That’s when he met James White, founder and owner of Roark Gyms, who transformed his mental outlook of Strength, Conditioning and Fitness. “Having trained with James for over six months I was completely addicted in positive way. Our relationship grew and when he asked me if I was keen to run the Roark Men's Gym saying yes was a no-brainer for me.”  

A high-performance trainer guides and motivates gym members through a series of physical exercises, leading members to achieve their personal fitness goals, whether it be preparing for a fitness competition, firming up for an acting role or to improve their overall fitness. Their role includes devising workouts, monitoring members form and performance, and challenging members to be their best.

Anthony shares with us that he cherishes the gym members and his colleagues the most. “Motivating, teaching and inspiring guys to reach goals they often found unattainable or daunting, and then watching them make positive lifestyle changes and the impact it has on their lives… It's special.”

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If you’re looking to get started in the fitness training industry, I'd say get accredited. Find a system in the fitness industry that appeals to you and study it both physically and mentally. Always update yourself. There are certain constants but you'll never know it all. Certify, certify and certify.” he advises. He also recommends that aspiring trainers ask questions and learn from the leaders in their field.

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