How to convince your boss to give you flexible working hours

It's easy to up your chances of working flexible hours when you know how to ask (

Want to work flexible hours, but struggling to get the go-ahead from your boss? Here's what you can do.

Very few employees have the option to work flexible hours. Companies hire for the times they feel they will have the most business. Negotiating for off hours can be tricky, but there are ways to improve the chances of success.

Agree to work from home from time to time or be on call

Employers tend to be nervous about not having enough people around when they need them. Knowing an employee with different hours is willing to come in or telecommute puts them at ease. Telecommuting is a great alternative for an employee who needs to stay home for some reason like a sick child.

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Go above and beyond your call of duty before presenting the idea

Earning the privilege of working flexible hours may be the deciding factor in an employer’s response. Someone who does not work during business hours needs to know how to open and lock the office. That is a major responsibility and an employer needs to know that person is trustworthy.

Point out why someone with flexible hours is a good thing

For example, there will always be days that you're so busy that all of the work cannot be finished before business hours are over. An employee who works later can finish those tasks for the 9-5 staff so they do not fall behind.

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Mention the cost benefits

Flexible hours means having to take less time off and the business has someone to communicate to customers who call before or after business hours. These small instances add up to big savings at the end of the year.

Lastly, do remember that working from home isn't for everyone, so you'll have to ensure that it's the best choice for your lifestyle. If asking for flexible working hours is a way of escaping the terrors of the office environment, rather apply for a new job with Careers24.