Who else wants to be happier at work?

Turn that frown upside down, easily. (Shutterstock)

If the 8 hours at work is making you miserable, try these handy tips to enjoy your day so much more.

If work is getting you down, try our handy tips to make your day better and brighter. No one likes a grouch, after all...

1. Let there be conversation. 

Talk to your colleagues and clients more; it’ll help draw you closer and create a better working environment for all. Listen as much as you talk though, and always keep the conversation professional, friendly and engaging. By doing this you’ll be seen as more co-operative and approachable. Don't resort to gossip though, the office gossip is usually last on the list for a promotion.  

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2. Help out. 

If you can, offer to help your colleagues with a task; they’ll appreciate the kind gesture and see you as helpful. If the company is involved with a big project, ask if there is anything you can do to make it a success. Not only will you be recognised by your colleagues and boss, you’ll also feel good about helping the company reach its goals.

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3. Make your workspace work for you

You spend most of your work day at your desk, right? Then make your workspace your own by personalising it with things you love. Perhaps place a photo or two of loved ones in a frame on your desk or your favourite pot plant. These little things will help you feel more at home and more comfortable in your working environment.

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4. Healthy employees are happy employees. 

Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that leaves you feeling energised and happy. By exercising at work you also have a chance to work through the stresses of the day. The key to a healthy body is a healthy mind so be sure to get in the right foods for your body.

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5. Smile a while! 

And give your face a rest; Your face uses fewer muscles to smile than to frown and it makes you appear more approachable. Studies have also found that if you start smiling you immediately feel better. Plus, your co-workers will enjoy being around you and your positive attitude will become contagious.

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