These 8 things make you the most annoying person to work with

Getting along with your colleagues is important for team work and your career growth. (Shutterstock)

If you're feeling a little more left-out at work than usual, it could be your irritating ways. If you have any of these annoying habits, please change it today.

Are you perhaps obliviously unaware that YOU have the most annoying habits ever?

Well, here’s a list of a few of the most annoying habits encountered by office workers...   

Gossip is your middle name.

Despite what you think – most people hate gossipers! If you have to talk about something, discuss your colleague’s awesome achievement.

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Everything is urgent and it was all due yesterday.

Be realistic about your timelines – people will appreciate it more and actually want to work with you. If something really is important, it doesn’t hurt to pick up the phone first.

U LOL n ryt lyk ur 12yo.

You’re a professional adult. Stop using imaginary words in your emails.

You think your workspace is a club.

Sure your office can get noisy – that’s what you get when you work in an open plan office with 100 other people. If you want to plug in your earphones, do that, but make sure your music is just loud enough for you to hear. No one else likes your favourite genre of music quite like you do.

Someone else did the work, but you take the credit.

Why would you ever think of taking credit for someone else’s hard work? What if the tables were turned? When they find out, no one will trust you or want to be associated with you.

You’re arrogant.

You really don’t have to remind everyone what an awesome job you did. Actions speak louder than words anyway.

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Your desk is a food hub.

As a rule, if you’re eating any foul smelling food, rather eat it away from your desk. No need to offend everyone else with bad smells.

You always want help, but never want to help others.

It takes a team to build a strong business. If you’re all about take, take, take, people will start to notice and never want to help you again.

If you've identified with much of this list, then perhaps it's time to rethink your approach to office life. We've got some great advice to help you improve your office etiquette (and your colleague's opinion of you!) so browse our articles here...