Are you proud of your career?

This is your chance to tell Careers24 and the rest of the country why you love your job (Instagram/Careers24)

Then why not share your Career Pride with the rest of South Africa? Our Instagram feature is looking for you!

There’s nothing that makes life quite as exciting as waking up in the morning and going to a job you absolutely love. Passion and purpose - in short, doing what you love – are feelings worth sharing, and should be celebrated with everyone who cares to listen (even those who don’t).

So why not share your love for your job on Careers24?

Our newly launched Instagram Career Pride feature is aimed at you, the South African who is proud of what you do. We capture the stories of professionals from all corners of the country who want to share a little about why they love their jobs.

We’ve already spoken to a number of proud professionals, and this is why they love their jobs:

I really love sharing the information I have with our guests, and always strive to make them feel at home.” – Msa Maseko, Visitor Services Supervisor, Visitor Services Supervisor

I love to inspire and motivate my clients to invest in their health. I am so passionate about educating my clients about skin and body care, knowing how it can impact one's self esteem and how small changes in your skincare can make a huge difference to your wellbeing and confidence.” – Johanna Sklavounos, Beauty Therapist

I enjoy fixing people’s clothes and making our customers feel good.” – Gaironessa Petersen, Seamstress

What is there not to love really? I get to drive a new car every single week, sometimes more. I travel the world and South Africa. I get to experience things that most people have on their bucket lists on a weekly basis. But most of all, I love the thrill of getting in to a new car! I love being one of the first people to experience it.” – Juliet McGuire, Motoring Journalist

There’s no such thing like a typical day. My days are filled with meetings, writing research papers, funding proposals, and looking down my microscope trying to identify tiny organisms from the ocean.” – Dylan Clarke, Marine Scientist and Museum Curator

So if you too want to tell the rest of South Africa why you love YOUR job, simply pop us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

We can’t wait to share your story!