6 websites your boss doesn’t mind you wasting time on

Next time you're procrastinating at work, go straight to these awesome websites. (Shutterstock)

Steer your internet browser towards infotainment websites so you can waste time while actually learning very very very interesting things.

Your boss might not believe it, but the web is more than just cute cats and fail compilations.


The internet is a wormhole of information. Once you get sucked in, there’s no telling how long it’ll take you to get out. But you can steer your internet browser towards infotainment websites so you can waste time while actually learning a few interesting things.

From fascinating facts to mind-blowing lifehacks, this is what you should be browsing when at work:

Learn how to do anything

The web’s biggest source of information about how stuff work, aptly named HowStuffWorks.com. Ever wondered how Swiss and Goat’s cheese is made? Maybe not, but they have the answer to this and everything else too.

Learn about the history of today

Show your family how smart you are by sharing a fact about the history of any day. Go to Wikipedia's main page and copy paste the most interesting facts and you might learn something amazing too.

on this day

Find instant info about topics you love

Create a StumbledUpon account and stumble through the most popular web pages of the topic(s) of your choice, as voted by fellow internet users - and probably people as passionate as you. Each time you click stumble, you know you’re about to see something you really like, in a way you’re really going to enjoy. Only the best of the best makes it here.

Learn by infographic

For those of us who really aren’t fond of too many words, there’s an easier way to learn something new, visually. You can learn about anything fast by browsing good looking and informative infographics on the dedicated reddit page. Tech, Health, History, you name it, there’s an infographic about it.

Learn fact from myth

Your Facebook feed is probably filled with unbelievable news stories, much like a tabloid. This site will tell you whether or not it’s true. Much like the Orlando Mass Shooting story which claims there is something suspicious about the shooter and his artillery. Get the real story here.

Get uniquely South African Career Advice

Nowhere else on the web will you find expert career advice aimed at all South African job seekers. The career tips are aimed at graduates, recruiters, managers, matriculants, and other employees from various industries.

South Africa Career Advice

Find out how smart you really are

Test your knowledge on any subject by completing an array of different quizzes. The great thing about this quiz platform is they’ll give you the correct answer when you get it wrong. If you consider yourself a general knowledge (or cricket or history or something else) boff, this site will be your new heaven.


You may think these bits of info are irrelevant at the time but you’ll be arming yourself with amazing conversation starters. You’ll be super prepared at the next games evening - but more importantly - your wisdom will become very handy in your next meeting.