Why your company needs Employer Branding

The onus is on the employer to attract top talent as the right candidates are in a position to choose their working environments.

Your Employer Brand is one of the first things prospective job candidates see when they view your company, and you want to win them over based on what they see about your company.

Take a minute to think about this: If someone were to walk up to you and ask you what makes your company a great place to work, what would your response be? Chances are it wouldn’t be the fully stocked fridge or the ping pong table.

Let’s face it, perks are awesome, and there’s no denying that they make employees’ lives easier. But they certainly aren’t the most important factor that set your company apart from others. In order to attract and retain the very best talent for your company, your overall company culture and the opportunities for career growth play a pivotal role. They are essentially your company’s employer branding.

So how do you develop and share the most important elements of your company? The answer is simple: With Careers24’s Employer Brand, of course! Our employer branding offering is there to assist your company to assess its Employer Brand Value and to reposition your brand as an excellent workplace on your own media channels as well as on our Careers24 portal.

 "Employer branding is a game-changer," says Marc Privett, Head of Careers24. "In this highly competitive arena recruitment has, in essence, become a marketing function. The onus is now on the employer to attract top talent as the right candidates are in a position to choose their working environments." 

Strong employer branding positions a company as more than just somewhere to earn a salary. It focuses on elements like company culture and reputation, career growth and opportunities, work-life balance, product and innovation, stability and respect. "The stronger a company's brand, the more likely they are to attract and retain strong candidates," adds Privett. 

Careers24 offers strong curated content that depicts the company's workplace environment, which is written by a team of content experts, as well as video and photography that beautifully depicts the company culture and the dissemination of the content across the 24.com network. Additionally, the experts assist clients continuously throughout the year, with the goal of becoming an employer of choice. 

See: Liberty Group, Standard Bank and Makro are just a few of the companies that have chosen to take control of their employer branding.

"Online recruitment has become an essential tool in sourcing top candidates. But we believe it's not just about having a job-seeking presence online, it's also about building an engaging and powerful brand that works to attract the right people," says Privett. 

To attract the right talent for your company, make sure to visit our employer branding pages or contact our employer branding coach at employerbrandcoach@careers24.com