What you need to know about Employer Branding in 2018


How can you help your clients hire the best candidates for their business in 2018?

As a recruiter you know how important the employer’s brand can be when candidates are weighing up offers. The employee value proposition (EVP)can make or break a placement, especially when top quality candidates are in high demand and can be picky about where they work.

So how can you help your clients place the best candidates for their business in 2018?

EB in 2018

According to the Employer Branding Academy the world of employer branding has never changed as fast as this...and will never be this slow again.  

They recently reported that fastest growing Employer Branding (EB) objectives, internationally, are:

·         Tailoring EVP to different target audiences

·         Employee advocacy  / Employee Generated Content (EGC)

Therefore, companies looking to hire the right fit must ensure they have a strong EVP that is easy for employees to communicate to those outside the business.

Research by the Academy also shows that the fastest growing EB investment channel right now is Social Media, and the fastest growing EB media format is Video.

In short, encourage your client or company to create videos featuring happy employees, and post them on social media.

The future of EB

In order to future-proof acquisition abilities, the Employer Branding Academy says hiring managers and recruiters need to also need to start thinking about:

Designing a tech-friendly, Gen-Z ready, employer brand experience

Generation Z, aka Post-Millennials, are about to enter the workforce. These youngsters have used the Internet from their earliest days, they’re comfortable with technology and interacting on social media is part of their daily lives. EB marketing activities must take this into account when designing campaigns.

Incorporating AI into targeting, messaging and selection

AI and machine learning can be used to reverse-engineer candidate “fit,” and to predict a potential candidate’s performance in the role. Chris Nicholson, CEO of artificial intelligence software company Skymind, says recruiters should be leveraging the tech to find the best candidate for the employer and vice versa.

Getting ready for VR and immersive gamification

Recruiters can simulate the real work scenarios candidates are likely to carry out in the course of their workday, assess their responses and decide if they are suitable for the job. For potential employees, this is useful in that they can make an informed choice to work for the business, leading in most cases to a reduction in staff turnover.

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- Elizabeth Mamacos