Successful employer branding on a budget


No matter what you offer your employees, if job seekers don’t know about it, they won’t be applying. Here are four low cost methods of defining and sharing your employer brand with the world.

Employer branding is not a buzzword, it’s not going to go away. As talented professionals become more and more sought-after, they get to be choosier about where they apply to work.

If your business isn’t marketing itself as an employer of choice, you could find yourself left with fewer and fewer candidates applying to your positions, or worse: employees leaving for the potential of greener pastures.

Your employer brand not just about free coffee, pool tables and wellness days. It’s about what you can offer your employees in the form of personal advancement, professional development and pride in the work they do with you.

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It’s about taking care of them so that they can take care of your business. But no matter what you offer your employees, if job seekers don’t know about it, they won’t be applying.

Here are four low cost, effective, methods of sharing your employer brand with the world:

1.       Be real

Make sure that you have a well-defined and realistic employee value proposition (EVP) to market. If it’s not genuine, employees and candidates will see right through you and that could be more damaging than having no EVP at all. And an EVP that is not true to the business could attract the wrong kind of employee, which is again damaging to your company culture.

2.       Select brand ambassadors

Put your happiest employees to work, to your advantage, by having them share their enthusiasm for the company. Genuine stories told by real people are a sure-fire way to get potential hires interested. Business can be professional and human at the same time.

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4. Take photos

Shutterstock is not the way to go here. Honesty is the best policy in all employer branding efforts. Real photos of real people in the real workplace, alongside videos of happy employees sharing their stories with behind the scenes pics of team building days out and charity efforts will all work to attract the right kind of people to your company.

3.       Share everywhere

Social Media is your friend. Share your real stories on your website, your careers page, your social networks, your employee’s social networks (with permission, of course) and anywhere else you can think of. Share internally too – celebrating what makes your brand stand out will make your employees conscious (and unconscious) brand ambassadors.

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If your business does have an employer branding budget, get in touch with us to learn how we can help you to comprehensively market your EVP to job seekers, right where they are looking.

- Elizabeth Mamacos