The Smarter Applicant Tracking System has all the features you need to help you make better hiring decisions.

Simplify your recruitment with the modern recruitment software solution that helps you find, manage and recruit quality hires... Effortlessly.

As a leader in the online recruitment business, we know the hiring process can be frustrating.

You could be dealing with many issues, such as working with outdated technology, to manually analysing hundreds of CVs or dealing with broken lines of communication between you and your hiring team.

But why should you waste countless hours on trivial issues when you can have all of them taken care for you on one platform. is an integrated Applicant Tracking System that helps you find, manage and recruit quality hire, effortlessly. Think innovative, think game-changing, think simplified; that’s

A Simplified hiring process has all the features you need to help you make better hiring decisions. We’re talking:

  • visual hiring pipelines that provide an overview of your hiring status;

  • candidate profiles that
  • take care of the candidate CV data analysis so you can focus your attention where it is needed;

  • candidate timelines that offer a snapshot view of all candidate interactions;

  • scorecards and evaluations that provide you with actionable feedback and complete transparency;

  • recruitments analytics which allow you and your team to optimise your hiring strategy using data-driven improvements

  • Attract, build and nurture strong relationships with candidates

    Posting the same job advert to multiple job boards is now a thing of the past. With, you’ll expand your reach and attract more candidates with one click. automatically posts your job adverts to multiple free and premium job boards, job search engines and your social media accounts in one go.

  • Free job posting and advertising on multiple job sites

  • Share to a wide range of premium and specialist job boards

  • Collect applications via email

  • Distribute your job to custom channels using RSS/Widgets

  • Social recruiting and Facebook Jobs tab

  • More than that, Simplify will allow you to build a complete database of everyone who has ever sourced or applied to your positions. This means keeping a unified view of candidate history, as well as engaging with your talent pool using personalised messages and notifications.

    Mobile-friendly careers pages

    No more out-of-date jobs. No more delays. Simplify will allow you to create beautiful custom application pages, while enabling you to take control of your employer brand using our auto-updating careers pages.

  • Get up and running in minutes. No coding knowledge required

  • Automatically publish jobs to your site. No additional updates required

  • Reach candidates where they browse with our mobile-friendly templates

  • Create custom job application forms with auto-filtering options

  • Add videos, images and testimonials to paint a rich working experience for prospective hires

  • Add a jobs widget to your existing company portal or use our API for full customization

  • Is it time that your hiring processes were seamless and easy-to-manage? Then contact us on (021) 406 4664 for more information.