How to structure the perfect job advert on Careers24

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A good job ad will entice the best candidates to apply, while discouraging those who do not fit the bill. Learn more here...

It’s no secret that the better your job advert is, the better your chances of attracting good candidates. As a recruiter you already know that a good job ad will contain all the relevant information and also entice good candidates to apply, while discouraging those who do not fit the bill. But sometimes, in the rush to get the ad up, and candidates in, we might miss a few tricks.

So here’s a simple breakdown to remind you how to structure a great job ad on Careers24, and maximize your application rate from suitable candidates:


Attract attention by posting an accurate, professional title, and remain true to the position’s requirements to avoid applications from unsuitable candidates.

Company profile

Describe the company culture, mission and vision, and outline why it’s a great place to work, but be sure to keep this section brief. Ideally, link to the company’s page in our directory so job seekers can find out more about the company’s culture and prospects. 

Candidate requirements

Here is where you define the ideal candidate. Describe the soft skills and characteristics of the ideal candidate. Be truthful and clear, as this will also attract candidates who fit the requirements and discourage those who don’t.  

Top Tip: In bullet point form list any mandatory requirements for the position, such as specific licenses or certificates, or experience required. Include the required educational qualifications too.

Call to action

Each and every job ad requires a call to action – essentially, this is where you urge applicants to apply for the position as soon as possible. This is also where you should include an application cut-off date.


Save yourself a lot of trouble by adding a point such as ‘Only those applicants who meet the above criteria will be contacted for interview.’ This will save you time and effort (and angry follow-up calls) later.

Top Tip: Use the Careers24 Searchable Job Titles feature to add titles which are similar to or synonyms of the main job ad title. This helps us increase your ad views within the search and job alert mailers without losing quality. 

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