Are you targeting passive job seekers?

Are you trying to get his attention? Careers24 can help! (Shutterstock)

Did you know that passive job seekers make up two thirds of the working population?

Passive job seekers are those professionals who are currently happily employed, but are open to moving to a new job if it offers better benefits, salary options or perks than their current position.

What does this mean for recruiters?

Passive job seekers make up two thirds of the working population, and are highly valued by employers as they are seen as being:

·         Experienced

·         Mature

·         Stable

·         Loyal

·         Successful

Armed with attractive job adverts, you can approach these passive candidates where they are online:

·         jobs boards

·         professional websites

·         social media

Access to a database of newsletter subscribers, such as those on Careers24, is also a great tool for recruiters looking for passive job seekers.

Did you know? Careers24 enables recruiters to receive suggested candidates (those who won’t necessarily apply to your job ad, but might be interested if approached directly). When logged in to your account, you'll be able to access a list of great candidates who suit the role, download their CVs and then approach them with an offer they can't refuse. 

A newer and increasingly popular way of attracting top candidates is to promote the company as an employer of choice. By promoting the perks and benefits of being employed at a particular company, you can ensure that when positions open there will be plenty of interest from talented professionals. This can be done through a Careers24 Company profile, press releases, newsletters and posts on social media.

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