Why keeping up with industry trends is important

The world is changing fast and if you don’t keep learning you’ll miss out on top trends in your industry, and maybe even more...

The only way to keep up with the top guys in the company is to constantly improve yourself and your knowledge about the industry you work in. Here are a few things you could do to get going.

Read and research your industry

Your teachers weren't lying about reading. Research as much as you possibly can on a regular basis. Look at industry-related books, read up on the latest trends, and research what works and what doesn't. Things are constantly improving and changing, and if you don’t keep your finger on the dial you’ll miss out.

Get out there

You might think seminars can be long and boring, but who better to advise you than a leading industry expert? If you really can’t attend anything, try to pursue an online course. You can do it part-time and gain another qualification that could help you advance your career.

Don’t just listen

Whenever you learn something new write it down and read over it regularly. This is a great way to keep what you've learnt stuck in your head. Chances are you might need the information further down the line.

Find a mentor

There’s no doubt that the right mentor can add real value to your professional life. That being said, it’s important to find the right mentor for you. Choose someone who has a great knowledge of the industry you work in and who is similar to you – someone that you can talk to, respect, don’t feel anxious around, and someone who you genuinely aspire to be like.

Get connected

Join social media discussion groups and get chatting about topics that matter to you. This is a good way to encourage and get to know what else is out there in terms of industry news. If you’re up for it, why not form a discussion group, similar to a book club. This can help you get to know like-minded individuals and increase your knowledge.

Go broke or go home

You’ve just learnt new ways to improve a system at your work – great! Now why not put your learning to the test? Share what you've learnt with your team and put your knowledge to the test. 

Enjoy it!

While you’re running around trying to find a mentor or signing up for new groups, remember to have fun. Learning must be enjoyed in order to be rewarding and fulfilling. Perhaps reward yourself each time you've accomplished a new goal.   

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