How to get a raise within a month

How to get a raise. (StockSnap)

Getting a raise isn’t always easy. If you think you deserve one and want to make a convincing case before you step into that office, we’ve listed 9 steps to go get yourself a raise within the month.

Getting a raise isn’t always easy. If you think you deserve one and want to make a convincing case before you step into that office, we’ve listed 9 steps to go get yourself a raise within the month.

1. Make sure you have proven something

Actions speak louder than words. Before getting something back, you have to have given something to the firm. Make sure you have distinguished yourself on the work floor and have shown that you have contributed a lot to the success of the company. It is important that you don’t just feel like you have proven yourself, but can also demonstrate it with actual results.

2. Get key employees to notice your successes

Even when you’re doing a fantastic job, if no one notices it, you won’t get rewarded for it. Make sure people know what you have accomplished. Not just to your boss, but also other members of management, some of your best co-workers and even the manager of another department. The more people on your side, the better your chances of getting that raise.

3. Determine your market value

Make sure that your request is justified. Find out how much other people with the same education and experience, in similar functions are making. The average pay for your profile, plus the (exceptional) things you have realised can give you a better image of how much you are really worth and how much of a raise you can ask for and still be reasonable.

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4. Choose two strong arguments

Starting the conversation with endless lists of why you’re such a good employee is boring and you will lose your boss’s attention. Choose a couple of really strong arguments that make sense from where your boss is standing and focus on those during the conversation.

5. Believe you deserve it

If you think you have proven yourself and you deserve to be rewarded for it, then go for it. Don’t allow other people to doubt if you are the employee that deserves it the most. You know what you’ve accomplished so you can be confident about it.

6. Choose the right moment

Don’t ask for a raise every once in a while, your boss will get bored of it and think you are greedy. Choose one very well timed moment in the year when the mood is right. Don’t do it when your boss is clearly drowning in work or agitated. If you want him to listen, schedule a moment of his choosing and make sure he knows what it’s about.

7. Ask it very clearly

Your boss is obviously very happy with how the things are going if you’re achieving your goals but keeping the same pay. You’re the one who wants a change and you have to ask it very clearly. If you don’t specifically ask for it, your boss will just ignore the issue.

8. The conversation: it’s a problem your boss can solve

Get your boss to engage with your question. Put it as an issue you’re having that your boss can help to solve. Let him know that you’re not happy with the situation and propose something that would make you happier and is really important to you. Most of the time he won’t just give you whatever you want, but after some discussion he might give in to at least part of your demands.

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9. Keep going

You got the raise? Congratulations! Make sure you keep going until you’ve got it on paper.

Didn’t get the raise yet? Don’t give in. If you just give up after the first time, your boss will think that it wasn’t that important to you. Maybe you need to upskill in some key areas too – browse Udemy for courses in your industry and improve your knowledge to show your boss you’re serious. 

If you get a definite no, keep going as well. Don’t go harassing your boss until you’ve got it, but reach for higher goals and prove that you are worthy of getting that higher salary!