9 highest paying jobs perfect for people with no degree

Some of the highest paying careers do not need a degree (Stocksnap.io)

Don't have the time or money to get a degree? Don't stress! There are plenty high paying careers you can pursue.

We’re sure you’ve heard it more times than you can fathom: Getting a university degree will guarantee you a good job and lots of money. While there’s certainly a lot of truth to this, sometimes life happens: you can’t afford to go to university, you dropped out of university or you're looking for an adventure instead of studying. 

Whatever your reason for taking the road less travelled, it does not have to mean the end to a financially fulfilling career. In descending order, we've listed a number of high paying careers you can pursue without a degree:

9. Millwright

Millwrights also known as electromechanicians need experience in a production environment, a national diploma and a trade test certification in this field.

Average monthly salary: R20 000 – R35 000

8. Electrical technician

Electrical technicians usually study towards a National Qualification in Electrical Engineering through distance learning. Doing so gives them the opportunity to work as an assistant to a technician while they complete a technical qualification and go on to get their test certification.

Average monthly salary: R15 000 – R38 000

7. Rigger

To become a rigger, one requires a national diploma and trade test certification. With the necessary experience, a rigger can advance to well-paying positions within the field.

Average monthly salary: R10 000 – R40 000

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6. Executive assistant

With a secretarial qualification, relevant experience and essential secretarial skills, executive secretaries to CEOs can earn as much as R40 000 per month.

Average monthly salary: R10 000 – R40 000

5. HR Manager

With the right experience and skills, the human resources profession is generally one that office employees can easily transition into. With experience, HR managers are some of the best paid white-collar professionals who do not necessarily require a degree.

Average monthly salary: R20 000 – R40 000

4. Instrument technician

To work qualify as an instrument technician, one often needs a national diploma and a trade test certificate. Once qualified, instrument technicians can kick off their careers in high-paying positions.

Average monthly salary: R25 000 – R40 000

3. Web developer

Web developers are among the most sought after, especially in the ICT sector. With the relevant experience and skills, many people go on to have successful careers. However, obtaining an accredited qualification or a professional certificate is important for verifying one’s skill set.

Average monthly salary: R20 000 – R50 000

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2. Software developer

Although many companies require candidates to hold a BSc degree for senior positions, skilled employees in this profession are so high in demand that they don’t necessarily have to hold one. Even so, most companies still require candidates to have at least a relevant computer programming qualification or another suitable professional certificate.

Average monthly salary: R15 000 – R60 000

1. Sales Manager

The sales field is a hard one to quantify as the salaries of professionals differ according to the industry, role, company and commission structure. Nonetheless, the sales sector is considered as having the highest earning potential with or without a degree.

Average monthly salary: R10 000 – R75 000

So, stop worrying that you don’t have a university degree. As long as you obtain a qualification from a recognised public or private college, work hard and get enough experience behind you, you can work your way up.