15 highest paying jobs in South Africa in 2018

High paying jobs in South Africa in 2017.

Research released by a local jobs portal shows the highest paying jobs in 10 of South Africa's sectors.

Research released by a local job's portal has showed how much you can expect to earn if you work in one of the 10 major sectors across South Africa, including the types of jobs that yield the highest salary.

The Career Junction data revealed that most of the top paying jobs are found in the engineering sector, where a senior civil engineer and structural engineer earn the highest average annual salary at R843 640p/a.

High paying positions can also be found in the finance and ICT sectors, as well as in the medical field. These are the highest paying jobs in South Africa, according to the research:

1. Civil/Structural Engineer

Average yearly salary: R843 612

2. Corporate Lender

Average yearly salary: R835 584

3. Technical and Business Architect

Average yearly salary: R798 696

4. Chartered Accountant

Average yearly salary: R790 080

5. Financial Manager

Average yearly salary: R783 864

6. Environmental Engineer

Average yearly salary: R779 328

7. Mechanical Engineer

Average yearly salary: R757 884

8. Hospital Manager

Average yearly salary: R734 340

9. General Practitioner

Average yearly salary: 731 976

10. Electrical Engineer

Average yearly salary: R730 368

11. IT Manager

Average yearly salary: R700 044

12. Financial Analyst                 

Average yearly salary: R671 724

13. Industrial Engineer

Average yearly salary: R670 104

14. Consulting Engineer

Average yearly salary: R640 428

15. Electronic Engineer

Average yearly salary: R634 548

Even is none of these titles are an exact fit for you, it’s great to know where the demand for jobs lies and think about whether you can tailor your career to meet this need. Alternatively, browse Careers24 to find the latest jobs in your sector. 

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