The 10 commandments of teamwork

No more bumps in the road to success thanks to these 10 commandments. (ShutterStock)

If you keep these 10 commandments in mind, nothing stands in the way of achieving your team’s set goals and possibly even more.

Greater things can be accomplished when many become one. However, this is not as simple as it might seem. When working in teams towards a common goal, whether at school, at work or somewhere else, we often encounter some bumps in the road.

We’ve made a list of rules to help smoothen up the process. If you keep these 10 commandments in mind, nothing stands in the way of achieving your team’s set goals and possibly even more.

1.       No egos allowed

Everyone on the team is equal. No one is superior to someone else on the team. Decisions will be based on what’s right, not who’s right.

2.       Leave your title at the door

Every team needs a coach and a leader, but there should not be a real hierarchy. Inside the team, titles and positions don’t count. What does count is the individual skills and talents of every single team member.

3.       Every team member must be involved

The communication cannot be dominated by one or two individuals, every team member needs to be given the time to speak. When everyone is involved, tasks will get done quicker.

4.       Every opinion is valued

Every team member needs to be able to share their unique opinions and must know that every opinion is valued. Afterwards, decisions will be made based on facts and rational analysis. There will be no opinion management of any kind.

5.       Mutual goals are the highest priority

Working towards a common goal is the main priority. Individual and personal goals are secondary to the primary objective.

6.       Consensus prevails

No individual will decide on its own what should be done. Every decision should be the result of a team consensus. There is no right of infinite refusal. When a decision comes to a vote, the 80-20 rule should be implemented.

7.       Decisions are made real time

Decisions need to be made in real-time. No postponing and no off-line negotiations. Decisions should be made when the whole team is present and every individual has their say.

8.       Introspective attitude is needed

Every team must have an introspective attitude and be able to correct itself when the results are not as expected.

9.       Eliminate toxic factors

Toxic factors need to be eliminated from the team. To prosper, a team needs to be able to work in a positive working environment. Beforehand there must be a clear procedure for handling conflicts.  Every issue and possible removable must be openly discussed by the whole team to avoid sudden and unexpected re-organisations.

10.   Celebrate success together

When successfully accomplishing one of the team’s goals, this must be celebrated together to improve the team spirit. This will increase the sense of belonging to the team, and will make the team members more open and enthusiast to contribute.

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