4 smart strategies managers are using to keep their best employees from leaving

Stop your favourite employees and hardest workers from leaving (Shutterstock.com)

Your best employees are the key drivers to the success of the business. Here's how to ensure you keep them in the company.

Imagine being able to predict when your best employees will leave? Any manager will tell you that retaining the best workers is key to business success. So if you knew that your superstar employee was considering a job change, wouldn't you like to be able to encourage them to stay?

Fortunately for you, here are 3 tips (plus a bonus) to help you retain your company’s best talent.

Ease up on the micromanaging

You’ve never liked being kept on your toes, right? So why breathe down your employee’s neck? Everyone knows that micromanaging is every employee’s worse nightmare. Yet, many managers still feel the need to interfere.

Self-motivated team-players, with natural leadership skills don’t need constant hovering over. When you give your employees the autonomy to self-manage the results will be nothing short of amazing. Giving your employees the opportunity to approach their tasks in a manner that they understand, gives them power to make changes and enables them to be more invested in their roles.

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But don’t distance yourself

Yes, giving your employees enough room to self-manage is important. But don’t make the mistake of making them feel completely ignored. Although your employees may know that your door is always open, from time-to-time it’s important to check in with them and see how things are going.

The last thing you want to hear is that your best employee has found a new job and is working in his notice. By setting up regular meetings, whether through a casual coffee or an in-depth sit-down, your employees will appreciate you showing your involvement. Plus, because they’ll know when you’re likely to catch up with them, they won’t feel like you’re suffocating them.

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Don’t neglect opportunities for help

Great employees are always in search for new opportunities, whether this means taking on new responsibilities or getting extra projects to do. Therefore, don’t wait for your employees to ask you for new things to do. Be the one who approaches them with new tasks to tackle.

Showing that you value your employees’ input and skills is an extremely powerful gesture. It’ll prove to them that you’re invested in their future – a move they’ll reciprocate by devoting their time to working towards the growth of the company.

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Predict when your employees will leave

How, you ask? Well, an HR software manufacturer, Workday, has developed Workday Talent Insights, an app that can help you retain your employees. By processing years worth of HR data, Workday can give you better insights into which employee is about to call it quits and what options are available to keep them on broad. Bravo!

Start by identifying your most valuable employees, then incorporate these 3 tips (plus the bonus) and they’ll stick with you for a long time to come. For more tips on how to be a better manager, Careers24 has you covered.