Would you make a good business owner?

Many of us want to be our own boss, but do you know what it takes to fill the role? Find out if you’re an employer or an employee.

Some people have dreams of being a business entrepreneur. How many have the skills required of successful business owners? Being an employee is a better fit for many. Listed below are some identified traits of those who are better suited to working for someone else. How many describe you?

You enjoy personal time
Do you value your personal time? Is family time important to you? If you answered "yes" to those questions, you’re better suited to being an employee. Owning a business requires a large workload, which requires much of your attention and focus. Business owners must be accessible 24/7 to handle difficult situations and answer questions from clients and employees.

You’re introverted
Do you describe yourself as an introvert or are you uncomfortable in social settings? People with these traits are better suited as employees. Running a business requires an immense amount of socialising, networking and self-promotion. Successful business owners are typically quite social and easily interact with others, whereas those who are not as outgoing may find that working for someone else provides them with less need for uncomfortable or unnatural social encounters.

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You're risk adverse
Are you cautious? Do you ever fear failure? If you’re anxious about using your savings to invest in your business venture, you should work for others. Business owners take a tremendous risk and most people are not comfortable accepting the liability. Remember that years may pass before you turn a profit.

You're cautious 
If you prefer taking time to weigh pros and cons when faced with a decision, or if you second guess decisions, you’re better suited to being an employee. Business owners often do not have the luxury of gathering thorough information and mulling over major decisions. They must select an option and action it, immediately, with confidence that the best option was selected.

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You prefer instruction
Business owners often have to "invent the wheel," coming up with solutions or procedures with advance knowledge. They are self-motivated. If you find that you prefer working with clear directions and expectations or if knowing you’re going to the office from 9-5 motivates you to get your work done, working for someone is likely your best option. 

Very few people find that they are suited for business ownership. There's no shame in working for others. Employees are essential components in the business of doing business

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