5 simple ways managers are keeping their staff inspired (and reaching targets effortlessly)

We could offer you a lengthy explanation about why motivated employees are important for the success of your business... but you already know why. Rather, we offer 5 practical tips to inspire them.

We could offer you a lengthy explanation about how important motivated employees are for the success of your department and larger business. Similarly, we can boringly tell you what happens when employees are unmotivated. We could also use big words to convince you even further, e.g. higher loyalty, job satisfaction, turnover rates, office culture, employee retention, increased productivity, people management skills, etc.  But that’s already been done – repeatedly.

Rather, we’ll give you 5 quick tips to help you keep your employees inspired. It’s really as easy as one, two, three, four, five...

Number One

A leader that inspires is a leader that communicates effectively. You already know this. But what constitutes effective communication? Transparency, letting your team know where they’re heading, why they’re doing each task, and making sure they understand their role in the big company picture. Few people care about the how until they know why they are doing what they are being asked to do.

Talk to them, understand them, listen to them. They want to be heard, not just paid.

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Number Two


Your commitment to the task at hand and the end goals has to ooze from your every pore. If your employees think you’re unhappy, unfulfilled and un-whatever else, they too will feel it and mirror your sentiments. And it’ll be your fault. Make your team feel proud of you; make them not want to disappoint you. You know how one does that? By doing excellent work too.

Excel at your tasks and infect them with your enthusiasm. Seeing you inspired is contagious.

Number Three

Acting like a boss will demotivate your staff. Nobody – not even children – likes being talked down to. Never make them feel like you’re worth more than them – you know, more important. Handle them with the respect you expect from your seniors. Show them they’re the most important thing to you as people.

Remember that time when you landed your first job? You had a manager (at least once in your life) before. Which ones did you hate? Probably the ones that made you feel like an insignificant useless slave... And which did you respect more? Probably the one that treated you like an equal, a colleague, that had your best interests at heart too.  

Please be kind.

Number Four

Show some love. Say thank you. Hand out compliments. Employees are inspired by recognition. In fact, as human beings we naturally yearn praise. Having someone proud of you and your work means plenty and can motivate you to do things just to hear that, “Wow! That’s great,” or “Thank you for your effort.”

Even you, Mr Manager, love hearing that from clients, colleagues and also outside the office from your friends and family. Everyone has an ego and everyone likes it rubbed.

“When you lavish praise on people, they flourish; criticize and they shrivel up.” – Virgin CEO, Richard Branson

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Number Five

Entice them with incentives. For those employees that become complacent and bored after a million compliments (especially since they can already do their tasks with their eyes closed and hands tied behind their back), inspire them with promises of something better. Going too long in the same position, with no hope for change, will eventually demotivate even the most ambitious employee.

The solution: ensure that you hire within the company rather than fishing for talent outside. If they don’t possess the necessary skills to qualify them for new responsibilities, provide the proper training. This is also a great way to spot motivated and ambitious employees – those that are eager to grow personally and professionally with the company, are the ones that will be the most beneficial to you and the company in the long run.

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