3 amazing creative jobs you want to know about

Choosing a career in creativity means making a comfotable living doing what you're good at (Stocksnap.io)

The myth of the starving artist has finally been dispelled. Nowadays, a career in the creative field offers numerous prospects.

Today, choosing a career in a creative industry doesn’t mean being doomed to a life of poverty, but rather choosing to earn a living from your craft can result in you living quite comfortably. Take a look at your prospects if you’d like to pursue a career in arts.

Graphic Design

There are countless job opportunities available to you if you have studied graphic design, as the field itself is so diverse. You could go the more traditional route and choose design jobs such as advertising or marketing – designing logos, marketing material, and print ads. Or you might prefer to go digital and join a web design agency and go into digital design.

Digital agencies today can’t hire enough front-end designers, user interface (UI) designers, and user experience (UX) designers to keep up with the demand. Therefore, having an online presence is always beneficial to get yourself noticed in the industry. Like every good, well-paying job, you will need to gain some experience and you should spend time building and expanding your portfolio. Udemy, an online learning marketplace, offers you the opportunity to master your skills, and achieve your goals.

You could be taking the first steps to becoming the future Creative Director of a top company. Being a creative director is where the money’s at, but to be Don Draper you need around 10 years of industry experience behind you.  If you’re ready to put in the hours and build yourself an incredible portfolio, you may as well start printing your name on the corner office door…

Here are top graphic design jobs to help you on your way.


Be honest, even though you studied creative writing, you probably weren’t expecting to make your first million from penning the next Hunger Games Trilogy. You might be a wordsmith, but a bout of writer’s block has prevented you from becoming the next J.K Rowling, so why not put your craft to good use and try your hand at copywriting or content marketing?

Companies and advertising agencies are always looking for professional writers who can help them craft relevant, concise and engaging content. In such a competitive industry, there is still plenty of work to go around – so prove yourself able, skilled and that you’ll never be short of words to work with. Screenwriters may have fewer options available to them but there are always possibilities with advertising agencies as scriptwriters for television and radio adverts.

Interior design

Starting a career in interior design can be challenging, as many projects are referrals from previous clients. This means that getting that first client is the key to starting your business. You may want to offer your services at a discounted rate for your first two or three clients, or you could take an unpaid internship at an interior design firm to build up a portfolio and client base. You can choose to specialise in office or corporate planning, or you can focus your attention on residential interior design. The rules of supply and demand apply when it comes to interior design - the more in demand you are, the more you can charge for your services.

There are many advantages to pursuing a creative career, but perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to freelance. Freelancing means being your own boss, setting your own working hours, and rates, and choosing the projects and clients you take on. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though – not knowing how much you’ll be earning each month can be stressful.

However, if you’re someone who’s willing to take a risk to be able to reap the rewards, now is the time to take your career in Graphic Design, Writing, or Interior Design to the next level, and start building up that portfolio.