Most in demand skills in South Africa in 2017

Skills in finance and tech will give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Need a new job? These are currently the skills which will make you more marketable.

Whether you’re currently looking for a new job or you’re preparing yourself for a career change in the upcoming months, it’s helpful to know which industries are currently making hiring headlines. And with the unemployment rate standing at 26.6%, it’s well worth knowing which skills will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of landing a new job.

Recently, Career Junction released an updated list of the most in-demand skills and jobs in South Africa in 2017. The analysis is based on comprehensive data gathered from its internal jobs data, which is collected using the country’s top recruiters, as well as over 2.3 million registered job seekers.

The report found that jobs for finance professionals are the most sought after, and further found that jobs as a Cost & Management Accountant, Financial Analyst and Internal Auditor, are most in-demand.

In addition, the report noted that year-on-year, employment prospects have generally improved for ICT and Sales professionals.

The list below provides an indication of skills that have become more popular in the online job market, as well as the most in-demand skills:

Most popular skills:

Cost & Management Accounting

Financial Analysis

Internal Auditing

IT Project Administration

Nursing/Professional Care Giving

Business Analysis

Most wanted skills:

Software Development

Finance Management

Sales Consulting

Middle/Department Management

If you have any of the skills listed above, it is important to update your CV and Careers24 profile. In this way, recruiters will be able to easily notice your profile and view your skill set. It is also a good idea to upskill yourself in certain areas if you’re keen to develop your career in any of these tech-related fields.  

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