How to find a job using your phone

Use your smartphone to find your next job.

Don’t underestimate the power of your smartphone – it could lead you to your next job.

The use of smartphones has been rising so quickly, it seems now that everyone has one. We already know they help us keep up to date on what’s happening online and enable us to communicate with friends and family in a bunch of different ways, but did you know they can also be a useful job hunting tool?  

As more people buy smartphones and the data plans that go with them, companies are making the data plans even cheaper. This lets you surf the web as much as you want, for less. A smartphone conveniently travels with you and so does the internet. This means that anywhere you go, you can apply for jobs without being confined to your home or an internet café.

With so many different and exciting jobs available online, the internet is the place to go when you need to find work. Also, more and more companies are tailoring their websites for mobile browsing – use that to your advantage, especially when researching for a job interview. Using your smartphone, you can look at their websites, and check out the career pages. You can also use your smartphone to check career listings online and job board websites such as

By having your smartphone as a job hunting tool, you can respond to job queries at any time, anywhere. For example, Careers24 has a convenient Job Alert tool that sends jobs directly to your email once you set it up. And since you already have your mobile device, and probably check your email frequently, you will see the job alerts even faster. The sooner you see the job alert, the sooner you can act on it, and the sooner you will find a job.

The new Careers24 app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.The app boasts thousands of jobs and includes helpful features such as the option to shortlist jobs, save interesting vacancies and apply for jobs immediately with just a few clicks.  

With the convenience of a smartphone at your fingertips and the help of the free Careers24 app, you can find a job wherever you are. Click here for more information about the new Careers24 app.