Hard-to-pronounce job titles in the medical industry

Medical specialists probably struggle to say and spell their own job titles too.

These medical job titles have too many letters that shouldn't be next to each other in one word.

Jobs in the medical sector are not only hard to qualify for but often hard to pronounce too. While there are well-known and hard-to-pronounce specialists in the medical field such as gynaecologists, anesthesiologists‎, and gastroenterologists, you’ve probably never heard of the specialists on this list.

Flex those tongue muscles and try these medical jobs on for size:


medical sector jobs

An Otolaryngologist, often called an ENT doctor, specializes in the treatment of the ears, mouth, throat and nose. The word Oto refers to ear, ‘laryngo’ refers to larynx which is an organ situated in between the nose and the throat, and ‘rhino’ refers to the nose. Beyond its focus on the respiratory system, otolaryngology includes the larynx, sinuses, and the structures of the face and neck. The otolaryngologist’s duties depend, in part, on the type of practice and additional specialization.


medical sector jobs

A phlebotomist collects blood samples from patients and is trained to draw blood for medical testing, transfusions, research, or blood donations. They work in doctors’ offices, medical labs, research institutions, or hospitals. Phlebotomists obtain blood specimens by performing venepunctures and finger sticks.

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medical sector jobs

A Chemometrician is a scientist or statistician who specialises in chemometrics. They take an active role in the product development and implementation of an IR-spectroscopy-based system for in-line monitoring of quality parameters. Familiarity with both analytical laboratory data as well as spectroscopic data is a requirement.


medical sector jobs

An Epidemiologist is assigned responsibilities involving the surveillance, investigation, and evaluation of communicable or chronic diseases, injuries or conditions, and assists in the planning and implementation of epidemiological programs to prevent and control diseases, injuries, or conditions.


medical sector jobs

A Nematologist studies roundworms, which feed on microscopic forms of life, such as bacteria. These worms can affect animals, plants, and humans. Nematologists' work often goes hand-in-hand with that of ecologists, agronomists, entomologists, marine biologists and other molecular biologists.

Many nematologists specialize within their field. For example, a nematologist might focus on biochemical aspects of nematode genetics, the control and impact of plant-feeding nematodes or nematodes that need identification within marine biology environments. These specializations can lead to vastly different daily duties.

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