Have you got the basic skills to land your first job?

It's important to ensure you have the basic skills to set you up for a successful job search.

With a pool of job candidates vying for the same job as you, it's important to have the basic skills for any job, and that you highlight these on your CV.

Finding a job isn’t easy – and that’s even truer in South Africa where the unemployment rate is so high. In fact, over a quarter of South Africans are unemployed. This is due in part to a lack of necessary skills and a limited pool of available positions.

When competing with so many other job candidates in a limited jobs market, it’s important to ensure you have the basic skills needed to get ahead in the queue and get yourself noticed. These are the basic skills you need to brush up on in order to better your chances of getting employed, and to ensure you succeed in your new job.  

Know the basics of your PC

In order stand a chance to land a job, you absolutely have to know your way around a computer. You don’t have to be an expert software developer, but you at least have to know the basics. Don’t know where to start? Fortunately for you, digital training platform Educate24 offers online courses to get you to your next step.

Their “Get to Know your Computer Inside Out: A Guide to Desktop Computers and How They Work” course covers all the basics; from choosing your computer and what different terms and phrases mean to troubleshooting and how to set up a home network. The coursework is manageable, and can be done in your free time at your own pace.

To get your computer skills going, register here for the course.  

Know how to sell yourself

Yes, virtually every job out there requires that you bring your best foot forward. Although this doesn’t mean delivering a sales pitch, it does mean that in every interview, and workplace situation, you’ll have to show that you can get the job done.

Employers don’t always need you to know the ins and outs of the job from day one, but they do need to see that you are keen and eager to learn new things so that you can do your job as best you can. In an interview, if you can show you are up to the challenge, you could up your chances of getting a foot in the door

Assessment tools are an easy and effective way to figure out your potential career paths. How they work is by matching your interests to the careers and/or industries you’re likely best-suited for.

Try Educate24’s interest profiler tool.  

Educate24 also have a free course full of advice to help you build your confidence. The Personal Management for success course is a great way to get to know yourself a bit better.

Know how to communicate confidently

Once you enter the workplace, you’ll find that part of your day will be spent talking to and connecting with people. Understandably, people skills are essential in the job environment. Remember that practice makes perfect, especially if you’re shy. The more you talk to people, the easier it will become to communicate with your colleagues

You can practice by joining a club or taking a class in something that interests you. You will be forced to meet new people, and you may even learn a new skill in the process that could benefit your future career.

Online courses are also a great way to improve your communication skills. Educate24 has a range of them, including an Adult English course for second language speakers who lack confidence in their English skills. The platform’s Personal Selling Skills course will help with your communication if you are entering a job that involves sales.

Don’t forget to add all your new skills to your CV:

Throughout your working life, you should always improve your CV. Any experience gained is valuable, and your CV is the place to show it off. If you’ve taken a course, it can show that you are willing and eager to learn. If you travel, it shows that you are curious about the world and different cultures. If you do volunteer work, it shows that you are willing to give of your time to help others.

Educate24’s Smart CV is a fantastic way to ensure that all your information is stored securely in one place, ready for you to access at any given time. Plus, it’s a FREE service!

For more tips, tricks and courses to improve your job search and success, visit Educate24