Are you facing retrenchment? Here’s some help...

The prospect of moving on after a retrenchment can be overwhelming (Shutterstock)

An expert shares her tips to help employees survive retrenchment...

In the current economic climate many companies across a range of industries are finding themselves in the situation of having to cut jobs. Why? To improve efficiencies and reduce costs, and in some cases to survive.

Elise Ronquest, MD of Career Management Consulting, a specialist in Outplacement and Job Readiness coaching and training, told us about her experience with retrenchment to help others get through it and come out better off:

If you find yourself in this situation it’s important to remember, she says, don’t take it personally. Retrenchment is not always a reflection of your performance.

When faced with the prospect of retrenchment, it is normal to feel a roller-coaster of emotions, from fear to anger, sometimes even panic. You may experience high levels of stress and anxiety caused by the uncertainty of your future.

Seriously, this is perfectly normal, Elise reiterates. "Believe me I know first-hand what it feels like to face retrenchment. I was retrenched earlier this year which came as a total shock. Like me, I am sure you can relate to these words… “I never thought this would happen to me…” But I embraced this change. I saw this as an opportunity. A new start. The opportunity to change to something better and took the bold step to start my own business." 

It is important to stay positive and keep motivated. You can achieve this by taking control of your career. Take proactive steps and set daily targets. Tell yourself: “Your job is getting a job”.

Elise shares her 10 key tips to help you through this transition.

1. Embrace this change, while naturally you may want to resist, remember you cannot control what has been decided, but you can influence your future.

2. Assess your professional brand. Are you going to stand out from the pack? Remember this:Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  They are the words that are invoked when people think of you - your skills, values, and talents. Your brand is what people can expect from you” - Jeff Bezos.

3. Create a job campaign plan. Identify companies you want to work for and create a wish list.

4. Start connecting to build or improve your network.

5. Become noticed and stay informed. Read, share insights and knowledge. Subscribe to industry blogs and contribute.

6. Update your Resume ASAP.  This is the foundation for your job search. Statistics show that a recruiter only spends a few seconds looking at a Resume. You have one chance to capture their attention.

7. Don’t use a generic Resume. Ensure your Resume is relevant to the job you are applying for.

8. Find a mentor who can support and guide you, someone you can trust.

9. Align yourself with positive people, who can inspire you, who appreciate you. People who will make you feel good and confident about your abilities and skills.

10. And lastly… be kind to yourself.

Retrenchment is a process, which you will survive. If you feel you lack the confidence or knowledge to effectively approach the job market, Elise and Career Management Consulting can assist by providing the necessary tools to make the job search effective, more productive and faster.