5 reasons recruiters probably consider you unemployable

Companies don't hire rotten apples. (Shutterstock)

In a competitive market any flaw on a CV or during an interview can sink the chance of a candidate getting the job.

In a competitive market, any flaw on a CV or during an interview can sink the chance of a candidate getting the job. 

1. Poor job history
If you were fired from several jobs or had none in the past, it counts as poor job history. However, it’s better to have no previous jobs than to demonstrate poor working skills. Employers do not want to take a chance on someone without stable work experience. This is especially true if they can find another who has held a job for a long time.

2. A criminal record
If you have had a run-in with the law you’re a liability. If your crime had to do with theft, why should the employer believe you won’t do it again? If a customer of the business finds out that the business has hired someone with a record, they may take their business elsewhere. A company would rather reject that sort of candidate than lose business.

3. Incomplete education
A high school certificate goes a long way in the job world. Even an incomplete college diploma can sink a CV. Not completing school says that you quit easily or you’re not interested in learning on the job. No one wants an employee who will give up when the job gets hard.

4. Being too demanding
Asking for fair compensation for your skills is one thing. Being demanding shouts to the employer that you are selfish, think you are better than others, and not a team player. These can be some of the worst aspects of an employee and companies will avoid this at all costs.

5. Bad people skills
People skills are one of the most important skills an employer looks for. At some point in every job, an employee has to work with the public or their co-workers. It is easy to tell if you don’t have people skills – you don’t maintain eye contact and blame every job you have lost on the company or the economy. Good people skills require being comfortable with others and with yourself. 

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