5 popular types of interviewees: Which one are you?

Interviewers have become more and more concerned about scrutinising the personality of the person they are interviewing (Shutterstock)

Interviewing is a tough game. You have to be qualified and be right the fit for the company. What's your interview personality?

Interviews are no longer just about meeting the minimum qualifications for the job, doing background research on the company, dressing your best and compiling possible questions to ask the interviewer. Interviewers have become more and more concerned about scrutinising the personality of the person they are interviewing.

The key to a successful interview is to avoid being classified as a Rambling Ralph, Detailed Diana and Nervous Neil; which is why it’s essential to know the various types of interviewees.

The Sphinx
As the name suggests, all that is required of you, as The Sphinx, is to not say much, and answer with vague responses and deflect questions.

Over Eager Exaggerator
This person can also be referred to as a ‘’motor mouth’’.  In order to earn this title you would have to be the type of interviewee that aims to impress by giving elaborate and detailed responses to the questions asked. In fact, the interviewer might struggle to get a word in because of all your rambling.

The Appeaser
Receiving this title is simple; all you have to do is tell the interviewer everything you think he wants to hear. Such responses include: “I’ll do anything you want Sir’’; ‘’I’ll agree with your every word Sir’’ and ‘’If you require me to massage your feet Sir, I will give you the best foot rub you have ever had!”

The Perfect Worker
No depth or feeling required. Basically just be polished, confident and prepared to the point where your answers are like a rote recitation. Be aware of your ultra-high standards and unaware of any flaws.

The Blame Shifter
You left your previous job because your boss was awful and your co-workers were inferior.  You were technically fired from that job but insist that you were actually going to quit anyway in order to find a job better suited for your qualifications

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