You won't believe what these people have been asked in their interview!

Curveballs questions are never easy to navigate (

We asked around the office to find some of the craziest interview questions ever asked... this is what we heard.

So you think your last interview was bad? Wait until you read some of the weird questions staff have been asked in their past interviews.

From the supposedly “harmless” tell us about yourself, to downright absurd demonstrations,’s staff show that sometimes no amount of preparation can cover you in certain situations.

1. In a salad, what vegetable do you see yourself as?

A tomato as it stands out from the rest. – Enricho Solomons, Listings Administrator                                                                                                                       

2. I was once asked the typical “Tell me about yourself” question, which was immediately followed by “Are you a drug addict?” The interviewer explained that the guy who had previously held the position I was interviewing for was an addict and he needed to find out if the company would have to deal with the same situation again. – Belinda Kitney, Marketing and Research Executive

3. What health angle would you give to the M370 Malaysian airplane crash?

I said a little prayer before telling the interviewer that I’d give the story a death toll angle. – Chandre Roberts, Medical Intern

4. In my CV I had listed kick-boxing as one of my hobbies. The interviewer then proceeded to ask me to demonstrate a move. I did a quick punch and kick. The company called me back with an offer but I didn’t accept it.– Farzaana Majiet, Graphic Designer

5. I was asked to give the answer to 896 423 ÷ 145. - Myles Brown, Channel Sales Manager

6. What subjects did you do in school?

An appropriate question to ask a graduate but for someone who’s been out of school for 15 years, it becomes quite peculiar. This staffer thought so too. “I told the interviewer I could answer the question, but asked how relevant it was to the job?” - Anonymous

And some equally eyebrow-raising answers:

1. How would you handle confrontation in the office?

“Oh trust me, I know people.” – Anonymous (We’ll be sure not to cross the line with this colleague!)  

2. I once asked a sales candidate which group of people would be the easiest to target. He responded by saying that recently divorced women would be easiest because they’d be fragile. – Anonymous

3. In a group interview, the HR manager asked us what benefits we received from our previous employers. Without second thought I took off the shoes I had bought from my employer at a fraction of the price and waved them in the air… And I was hired! - Anonymous

Although there’s no right answer to curveball questions, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a curveball back. It’ll demonstrate your level of creativity and logical thinking. Plus, it’ll teach you to think on your feet.

Tell us what’s the craziest question you’ve been asked or answered in an interview?