New ways to ruin your interview in 2018


This is how to miss out on job opportunities in 2018, according to recruiters.

Interviewing is tough. Luckily, we offer a ton of advice to help you to prepare like a champion and answer the most common interview questions with poise.

But no matter how well you prepare, you can still slip up and make a mistake that costs you a shot at the job. As technology and the recruiting process evolves, so do the ways in which you can mess up your interview.

This is how to miss out on job opportunities, according to recruiters

US job site Jobvite interviewed recruiters themselves, to reveal the biggest mistakes they see.

Here they are:

1.       The majority (86%) said that having a bad attitude toward the receptionist or any support staff would immediately disqualify a candidate during an interview.

2.       71% of recruiters said they’d reject an applicant for checking their phone during an interview.

3.       Arrive late for the interview and 58% of recruiters will toss your application onto the NO pile.

4.       Do not bring food: 38% said eating during an interview would seriously hurt your prospects.

5.       A small number (5%) said excessive makeup would be reason enough for rejection (but 1% said a lack of makeup was a problem).

But the worst thing you can do in an interview is say, 'I have no questions’. Rachel Bitte, chief people officer at recruiting software company Jobvite says "That's just the worst thing in the world. That's like the kiss of death, almost. You don't care."

Here are our top suggestions for questions to ask at your next interview: 5 noteworthy questions to definitely ask the interviewer.

The Jobvite report found that recruiters had also seen applicants show up to interviews underdressed, not knowing what company they were interviewing for or who seemed to be drunk during an interview.

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- Elizabeth Mamacos