Just this one question could get you the job

Asking this one question in a job interview really will increase the chance of you getting hired.

It’s old news that it’s important to ask questions in an interview. If you don’t have anything to ask at the end of an interview, you run the risk of appearing disinterested or indifferent, leaving recruiters with a negative image of your fit for the job.

But maybe all your questions have truly been thoroughly answered through the interview, and you’re afraid of repeating yourself or forcing the interviewer to go over the same ground again with the questions you prepared.

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While this is unlikely, there is one question that will clarify many aspects of the business, encourage the employer to open up and give you a chance to go into more detail of what the position will mean for you. And if you engage correctly in their answers, you’ll leave the interviewers with a positive impression of your abilities and fit for the role.

According to JT O'Donnell, Founder and CEO of WorkItDaily.com, this is the only question you REALLY need to ask:

"What is the company's biggest threat to success this year, and how will I be able to help overcome this threat in this role?"

Armed with their answer, you can now share some of your previous experience, and show them how you can solve their problem with your unique skill set.

Show that you understand what's important to them, and you’ll give the hiring manager more reasons to confidently offer you the position.

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It’s important to remember that an interview isn’t just a one-way spotlight on you as a possible hire. It is also an opportunity for you to evaluate the company and management, and decide if this is where you want to spend the foreseeable future, making progress in your career and spending your work day.

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-Elizabeth Mamacos