Yay or nay? How you can tell how the interview went

Did you convey a genuine passion towards the job role? (Stocksnap.io)

Waiting to hear whether you've made it to the second round of interviews can be stressful when you're not sure of the impression you left behind.

Wouldn’t it be great if after your interview the hiring manager rated your performance and handed you a piece of paper as you walked out the door?

Although that’s wishful thinking, there are ways in which you can review your interview performance so you can get an impression of how you did.

Taking a look back at your performance will enable you to identify your shortcomings, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.  Even if you think the interview went well, noting where you were great will help you learn your strengths and weaknesses.  

Were you present in the interview?

Instead of worrying about the potential competition (and overselling yourself), did you focus on engaging the interviewer? A good thing to keep in mind is that the main reason why the company called you in for an interview is because they really thought you are pretty great. So be present and trust yourself.

Did you have good energy?

In other words, were you interesting? Did you convey a genuine passion towards something? An easy way to achieve this is to engage the interviewer in a conversation and talk about what you’re passionate about. Whether you’re interested in something related to the company, or something a little different, if you can show a little sparkle to the interviewer, he/she will be sold.

What message did your body language convey?

From keeping eye contact to how you hold your posture, the truth is your body language can give off more signals than you think. Therefore, if you sat up straight, met the interviewer’s eyes as you spoke and showed confidence in who you are and what you have to offer, it’s a good sign.

Do you have a sense of who you are?

Just like how you want to work in a dynamic team that inspires you, the interviewer wants to see whether you’re pleasant to work with. He/she is essentially looking for someone who will take initiative without being asked, and look for solutions rather than creating more problems.

Can you be trusted?

Some people think that in order to get hired, they need to lie in the job interview. Although lying sometimes works, it’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem. But if you just do your best to be yourself and answer honestly, you’ll leave the interviewer with an impression that you can be trusted.

Did you leave the interview with some real life stories?

Real life experiences show the interviewer that you’re able to accomplish or solve problems. Sharing a good positive story will leave a long-lasting memory.

An important point to remember is that after an interview what the interviewer is left with is an entire impression of the interview, which has a greater impact than your individual questions and answers. The more you can be comfortable and be yourself, the greater the whole interview will be than the bits and pieces.

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