5 red flags your interview isn't going well - and how to save it

If the interviewer looks bored, stop and ask them something engaging (Shutterstock.com)

It’s no secret that a job interview can bring out the worst in people such as nervous shakes and sudden stuttering. Here’s how to deal with them when it matters.

Job interviews are never a walk in the park. If yours have been, lucky you! If you’re like the rest of us though, here are a few tricks to get you out of that unfortunate rut.  Read, learn and remember them next time you have an interview you badly want to ace.

1. What to do when: your nerves cause you to shake
Here’s what:
You tend to shake when you really want the job so it’s best to tackle this problem head-on. If your interviewer sees you shaking, tell them it’s because you’re so enthusiastic about the job. Leave it at that and move on to the question. It’s best not to jabber on about your problem anymore than that. Read more about how to banish interview nerves here.

2.What to do when: you appear to be overqualified
Here’s what:
In the tough economic times people tend to apply for jobs they may not have otherwise applied for just because they’re desperate for a job. If you convince the interviewer that you can do the job and are committed to doing it properly, they’ll see your passion. However, if they’re concerned about your salary expectations, perhaps try to find a middle ground.

3. What to do when: you appear to be under-qualified

Here’s what:
If you are inexperienced ask what you can do to up your skills or if there are other positions that are more suitable to you. However, if you believe you have the right level of experience for the job, elaborate on past experiences that prove you’re right for the job. 

4. What to do when: they’re yawning
Here’s what:
Connect with them! If they look bored, it’s not a good indicator. This could mean that you’re losing their attention and they’re not considering you for the position. If this happens, stop and ask your interviewer something that will engage them and let them know that you’re human too. Ask them what they most enjoy about working there or what they love about their job.

5. What to do when: you can’t find the right words
Here’s what:
Say what comes to mind even if you’re at a loss for words. If all else fails ask the interviewer to repeat the question or further explain it. This will at least buy you time to think about an answer and get your words flowing again.

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