Got pre-interview jitters? How to get rid of them

Interviews are not interrogations; they’re conversations between two or more individuals (

Give interview nerves the boot with our top tips on how to look cool and confident during your interview.

Although interviews can be very exciting, they’re probably one of the most nerve-wracking things you’ll have to do some time or another. Not only do you have to be very well prepared, you’ll also have to come across as relaxed and confident to prove that you are the perfect person for the job. Feeling anxious?  Don’t be. Careers24 has put together a list of top tips to help you appear calm and collected throughout the pressure test (even if you’re a nervous wreck inside).

1. Preparation is key
It’s a good idea to prepare possible interview questions and suitable answers. If you’re uncertain ask friends or family members who have been through a few interviews to give you some tips and advice. Researching the company beforehand also shows that you’re interested in the bigger picture. Read over the job specs and once you understand what is needed, link your abilities to them to strengthen your answers.

 2. It’s just a chat
Interviews are not interrogations; they’re conversations between two or more individuals. Remind yourself that you’re not the only one being interviewed; the company is too. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions – it’ll help you feel more at ease and show your interviewer that you’re interested in the company.

 3. Don’t forget to breathe
Breathe deeply before you step into your interview. When you breathe from your abdomen it helps your body to relax.

4. Be positive
It’s all about being positive before and during an interview.  Don’t find things that are wrong with your outfit or stress too much about saying the wrong thing. Tell yourself that your best is good enough.

5. Exercise those nerves
If you can, try to get in a gym session before your interview to help get rid of any unwanted tension. According to Heather McNab, author of What Top Professionals Need To Know About Answering Job Interview Questions, "Exercise helps calm your nervous system and tends to reduce the intensity of physical manifestations of stress such as fidgeting."

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