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Job Title – Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager promotes and sells a company's products and services to other businesses, merchants and institutions.

Typical Job Activities

Is thoroughly familiar with the products or services you are promoting as well as with their use
Knows the special needs of customers
Is responsible for recruiting, selecting, appointing and motivating marketing personnel
Knows and applies marketing techniques such as advertising and display, market research and identification of marketing opportunities
Works closely with the market researcher
Is responsible for the formation of marketing divisions and the assignment of authority and responsibility for marketing tasks

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Related Occupations

Branch manager

Business manager
Company secretary 
Motel manager
Product developer
Purchase manager
Sales manager

Educational Requirement

Senior Certificate with matric exemption for a degree course

Compulsory subjects: Mathematics
Recommended subjects: Economics, Business Economics and Accounting

What natural skills and/or aptitudes do I need for this occupation?

Be a good communicator
Be pleasant and understanding
Present a good appearance
Get along well with people
Be honest and truthful
Be persuasive
Enjoy competition
Be acceptable to colleagues and subordinates

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Employment Opportunities

Moderate - high

Market Competitiveness


Income Potential

Moderate - high     

Self-Employment Options


International Employment Market


Possible Employers

Big private companies
Medium or small Companies
Own small business: entrepreneurial opportunities in this field
Self-employed: contractor, consultant own practice, freelance

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Relevant Contact Details

Institute for Marketing Management

SA Institute of Management

SA Marketing Research Association

Career Progress and Path

Further Studies in the specific career field
Further Studies in related fields
Experience in specific field
Work performance
Do presentations, seminars, publish articles, etc.
Own business

Possible Career Paths

Specialist career in the specific field
Management positions in the specific field
Management positions in related fields
General business management
Executive positions
Consultant / contractor / own practice / freelance
Own business

Employment Stability

Moderately stable

Reasons to consider this career

The job is ideal for becoming a general manager
I can make more money than the average person
I can determine my own income
I can progress in the business world
I can communicate and interact with people